Outdoor Survival Series: Defining Survival

CPW photo by Nick Clement
With 22 million acres of public lands, Colorado has endless opportunities to recreate far off the beaten path. Photo by Nick Clement/CPW

A common misconception is “I will never get lost” or “I would know how to survive because I watch all the survival shows.” The reality is that Colorado’s backcountry can overwhelm you. Weather can change in the blink of an eye and a small misinterpretation of a map or taking the wrong trail can lead you to be completely lost and left outside overnight with no water, shelter or fire.

The first key to outdoor survival is to define and clearly understand “survival.”

Survival is the ability and desire to stay alive in an unforeseen situation.

In this video, we will define survival and the ability and desire you will need to stay alive if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Outdoor Survival Series

Peter Kummerfeldt has been teaching outdoor survival nearly his entire life. His approach is practical and proven. Colorado Parks and Wildlife partnered with Peter in the production of a video outdoor survival series. As an avid outdoors person and survival enthusiast, I was fortunate to produce the project. And I learned a number of skills and knowledge that have helped me immensely. For more outdoor survival tips, please see the following:

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