Colorado Hunter Testimonials (Public-Land Bull Elk and First Cow)

Bull Elk

Hunter: Karleigh Purcell

Every year as a family we pack up and head out to the mountains. This is my 5th year hunting elk and my first ever harvest. We climbed up a vertical mountain on all fours, where the track and sign was thick and we waited…calling a little here and there. This Imperial beast came crashing through the oak brush and presented himself to me with a broadside shot in a clearing. Three trips and 9 hours later, we finally got him back to camp in the dark. Hard work finally paid off!

Phil Rosty harvested this fat cow elk near Nucla.
Phil and Chelsea Rosty with a fat cow elk near Nucla.

Hunter: Phil Rosty

We were in the middle of our annual 2015 elk hunt in Unit 61 east of Nucla. The weather turned and we spent the week battling rain and very muddy conditions. We didn’t let that slow us down, and I shot my first cow elk about 140 yards away as she walked past a ridge at the top of Tumble Creek. She walked about 10 yards before falling. The weather, mixed with the fall mountain colors, made for great scenery.

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