Explore St. Vrain State Park: A Photographic Tour

Nestled in the crook between two major highways, within close proximity to Denver, Boulder and Loveland, St. Vrain State Park sits at the epicenter of Colorado’s northern Front Range. Encompassing approximately 800 acres of land and water, the park’s abundant, year-round recreation opportunities attract a variety of visitors for camping, birding, wildlife viewing, hiking, boating and fishing.

In September of 2013, St. Vrain experienced massive flooding, which completely reshaped the park and altered its riparian ecosystems. Thankfully, not all of the impacts were negative. In fact, the flood waters introduced some exciting changes at St. Vrain, especially for fishermen and wildlife.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The following photos tell an amazing story of recovery and transformation, and show just how well St. Vrain State Park is thriving post flood.

Hopefully, these images inspire you to visit St. Vrain to see and experience the many changes for yourself.

All photos © Scott Reffel/CPW. Reffel is a park manager at St. Vrain who has documented the park’s flood recovery and wildlife during the last two years.  

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