Hunter Testimonials: Muzzleloader Pronghorn and Bighorn Ram


Charles Jenkins celebrates after taking this awesome pronghorn buck.

Hunter: Charles Jenkins
After saving up my preference points and waiting 18 years to draw in unit 201, I was able to get this beautiful buck with my muzzleloader on opening morning.


Matthew Ward with his once-in-a-lifetime bighorn ram.

Hunter: Matthew Ward

In 2015, after waiting 17 years, I drew the tag of a lifetime—a bighorn ram. I scouted for six weekends and hunted for nine days before taking this very nice, 10-year-old ram in unit S11. My dad never drew a Colorado bighorn ram tag in 30 years of trying, so this one was for him. Having a guide for sheep hunting is a worthwhile investment for a once-in-a-lifetime tag, so I hired Horn Fork Guides, primarily to help with scouting and locating the rams. I’ve never hunted with a better guide than Joe Boucher.

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