2016 Colorado Outdoors ‘Preference Point’ Issue Available Now

2016-Jan-Feb-coverIf you’re a Colorado big-game hunter, now’s the time to prepare for the 2016 fall hunting seasons. Many of Colorado’s big-game licenses are allocated through a limited drawing based on a preference-point system. Colorado Outdoors magazine is a must-have resource if you’re planning on participating in this year’s drawing. The Jan/Feb issue features preference-point data and statewide big-game population estimates to help guide you in applying for a limited big-game license. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience the thrill and adventure of a Colorado big-game hunt this season. The application deadline for the 2016 limited-license drawing is April 5.  To order the 2016 “Preference Point” issue or to purchase an annual subscription to Colorado Outdoors, please click HERE.


  • Hi Mr. Neal,
    I was just looking thru the pref point issue and was wondering why there is not a breakdown for moose, sheep and goats? It would at least be nice to know how many licenses were available for a particular unit, if not also the number of applicants? I know you have that info and am very curious as to why it is not made available. Or is there somewhere else I can obtain that info? I have lots of points for many species and moose and sheep are the highest on my wish list. Many thanks for a great magazine and lots of excellent information!

    • Charlie,

      Thanks for reading Colorado Outdoors and for your comments regarding our “Preference point” issue. Unfortunately, there is limited space in the print magazine and not enough pages to include information for all species. However, you can find the information that you need on Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website: http://cpw.state.co.us/thingstodo/Pages/Statistics.aspx

      Also, if you have further questions about applying for a big-game license, feel free to call one of our Hunt Planners. They can assist you and are available at: 303-297-1192.

      Thanks, and good luck on your 2016 hunts.

      – Jerry

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