Field To The Table: A Must-Try Pheasant Recipe

Colorado’s pheasant season is now a month old. Hopefully, with some luck and good marksmanship, you’ve bagged a few roosters by now. But unless you’re as skilled with a skillet as you are with a shotgun, you may be wondering what to do with those birds in the freezer.

Phear not! This pheasant pheast is sure to please the entire family. This simple and delicious recipe has been a favorite of mine for years. The medley of fresh mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup and white wine is a superb way to cook wild pheasant — a bird that can be drier than a 007 martini if not prepared properly.

Check out the video below and give this easy recipe a try. Serve with mashed potatoes or wild rice for the perfect ensemble. Pheasant is also a great alternative to that tired Butterball centerpiece on the holiday dinner table.

Written and produced by Jerry Neal. Neal is the editor for Colorado Outdoors Online and is a media specialist for CPW.


  • I guess you “winged” that pretty well! You should have prepared that for our Christmas dinner.

  • This recipe is super yummy. I’ve been making something similar for my hubby for years when he brings home birds for me to cook. Works well in a crock pot too.

    • Glad you enjoy the recipe. It’s a great choice for folks who don’t own smokers (Traeger, etc) and are looking for a simple way to prepare their birds. Plus, it tastes awesome!

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