Video: Gunnison Launches Big-Game Baiting Program


Elk gather at a baiting site in the Gunnison Basin. Video capture by Jerry Neal/CPW.

Gunnison, Colorado is famous for its severe winters and snow-covered landscapes. In fact, the small, Western Slope town has earned the reputation as one of the coldest places in North America because of its sustained periods of sub-zero and record-low temperatures.

By Gunnison’s standards, 2016-17 brought warmer-than-average temperatures throughout fall and early winter. However, above average snowfall across the region in late December and early January created difficult forage conditions for big-game animals. To locate food, elk and deer moved to the lowest areas of their winter range, bringing them dangerously close to Highway 50.

To ensure public safety and to reduce wildlife/vehicle collisions, CPW’s Gunnison office launched a big-game baiting program to lure elk and deer away from roads and highways.

The video below provides a detailed look at Gunnison’s big-game baiting program, recent weather in the area and the general condition of wintering big-game animals. Note: This video was filmed on Feb. 2.

Video produced by Jerry Neal. Neal is an information specialist for CPW and editor of Colorado Outdoors Online.  

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  • Very informative. As a resident, i can tell you this has helped greatly to pull deer and elk away from the highway. Thank you parks and wildlife.

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