Colorado Parks and Wildlife Celebrates 120th Anniversary

Established in April of 1897, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has conserved and protected Colorado’s fish, wildlife and public lands for 120 years. CPW dedicates this video to the citizens of Colorado and the employees, past and present, who have contributed to this important mission. CPW thanks sportsmen and women, outdoor recreationists and all those who love Colorado’s wildlife and wild places for their continued support.


  • Great video! It was interesting to see how the organization’s name has evolved to keep pace with times. It’s not just for hunters and anglers. I would gladly pay more for my fishing license to keep this great work moving forward. Our parks and wildlife are a big reason many people move to or visit our state. Keep up the great work!

  • Love the work you do to protect our beautiful area. I give a gift subscription to my clients that mentioned hunting and fishing to me.

  • Susanna, Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoy the magazine and share it with your customers. We appreciate your support!

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