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Colorado Outdoors Online offers a wide variety of how-to and where-to resources for ice fisherman. Whether you’re planning your first ice fishing trip or simply looking for a new place to ice fish, the following blog posts offer something for every angler:

1. Gearing Up For Ice Fishing

brian with fish

Brian Marsh poses with a brown trout.

From augers to tackle, this post provides an overview of some of the equipment you’ll need to have a safe and successful hardwater fishing season.

2. Ice Fishing—Yellow Perch
Strange thing … the power that fish averaging only 8-inches long can have over humans. Yet, despite their size, yellow perch have a following of devotees in Colorado, especially among ice fishers, where the devotion can approach the cult level.

3. Ice Fishing—Getting Started


This post offers another look at some of the basic tools of the trade to ensure you have a safe and successful ice fishing season.

4. Ice Fishing—Lake Granby


Lake Granby offers some of the best ice fishing in Colorado. Check out this blog post and video to learn some techniques for fishing this large reservoir.

5. Ice Fishing—Where To Go For Trout


Finding a place to ice fish for trout is easy, no matter where you live in Colorado. From the mountains to the foothills, nearly all public reservoirs and lakes on both sides of the Continental Divide are open to ice fishing. This post features an overview of some of the more productive locations across the state.

Posted by Jerry Neal. Neal is the editor for Colorado Outdoors Online and is a media specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

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