Livin’ the Wildlife: Colorado Wild Turkeys

Hunters Fund Conservation

The wild turkey is beloved among hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. And the wild turkey’s springtime mating displays are one of the most exciting and stunning events in nature. Yet, these iconic birds only exist today because of dedicated conservation programs. This video provides an overview of the wild turkey’s mating behavior and Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s efforts to conserve this amazing species. The video features both Rio Grande turkeys and the native Merriam’s turkeys.

To learn more about how hunting and fishing help to fund conservation, please read Conservation Programs Help Colorado’s Fish and Wildlife Thrive.

Article and video by Jerry Neal. Neal is the senior videographer and a media specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 


  • Wonderful, beautiful, and informative video, Jerry!

    • Jerry L. Neal

      Linda, Thanks so much for taking a look. Glad you enjoyed the footage. Hope you’re doing well. – Jerry

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