My First Big Game Hunt: Gearing Up

From guns and gadgets to knives, sheets and vehicles, Crystal discusses what you will actually need to hunt big game in Colorado.
Episode 9: Gearing Up

You might have googled how to get started hunting and ended up here. If you did, you probably came across a lot of other videos and articles that list thousands of dollars of gear that you could buy to get started with big game hunting. Don’t let gear fear prevent you from trying something new.  From guns and gadgets to knives, sprays and vehicles, Crystal discusses what you will actually need to hunt big game in Colorado. In addition, if you are like most Coloradoans, you probably already have or can borrow much of the gear you need for a big game hunt. Just follow Crystal’s tips and you’ll be ready to hunt in Colorado without breaking the bank.

For more big game hunting basics, follow My First Big Game Hunt, a video series that details Crystal’s journey to becoming a Colorado big-game hunter. And please share any tips or tricks that you use to keep down the costs of your big game hunts.

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