Video: Livin’ The Wildlife -Spawning Brown Trout

Each fall, brown trout spawn in the mountain creeks and rivers across Colorado. This video provides an intimate look at these fish in Clear Creek near Georgetown.
Video: Spawning Brown Trout

Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocks more than 700,000 brown trout annually in waters across the state to provide exceptional fishing opportunities.

For more information about Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s fishery programs, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Video by Jerry Neal. Jerry is the senior videographer and a media specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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  1. I was born and raised in Georgetown and was taught from an early age to respect our mountain water ways and especially at spawn time. Great video! The colors are amazing.

    1. Robin, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I’m a graduate of Clear Creek HS (class of 1992). It was great coming back to my old stomping grounds to film these fish. I grew up in the Evergreen area but had many friends in Georgetown and Idaho Springs. Thanks again for your comment on the video!

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