Colorado Outdoors Podcast: Episode 2 – Fishers Peak

Fishers Peak will be a place to hike, hunt, mountain bike, watch wildlife and all the other activities that CPW properties have to offer.

Fishers Peak is a new 19,200-acre state park in southern Colorado by Trinidad that connects grasslands to the east with foothills and mountains to the west, serving as a corridor for wildlife movement. For much of its modern history, the peak has been private property, part of a ranch that was off-limits to the public. But now it is owned by the state of Colorado. And when it opens on Friday, Oct. 30, it will be a place where visitors will be able to hike, hunt, mountain bike, watch wildlife and all the other activities that Colorado Parks and Wildlife properties have to offer.

CPW is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42​ state parks, all of Colorado’s 960-plus wildlife species, more than 350 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs from hunting and fishing to the state’s trails program, boat registrations, snowmobiles, off-highway vehicles and more. All of its management is in perpetuity for the enjoyment of Coloradans and its visitors and this podcast is dedicated to telling the stories and happenings in Colorado’s great outdoors!

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