Updates from the Northwest Region Sportsperson Caucus

These meetings are designed to be a chance for Colorado hunters and anglers to interact directly with Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff.

Northwest Colorado sportspersons and those who hunt and fish in the northwest part of Colorado participated in a virtual caucus meeting with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Regional Manager JT Romatzke and staff members on Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021. 

The virtual meeting of the Northwest Region Sportsperson Caucus provided an opportunity for the sporting public to interact directly with regional leadership and biologists about hunting, trapping, and fishing issues. 

Topics of Discussion

Staff from around the northwest region provided information on the following topics:

  • Hunting season wrap up
  • Later season dates overlapping with winter road closures and Thanksgiving
  • Update on State Wildlife Area access issue
  • Recap of fire issues in NW Colorado

“These meetings are designed to be a chance for hunters and anglers to interact directly with Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff,” Romatzke said. “Not only can participants hear about what we are doing as an agency but they can also ask questions and provide suggestions to help manage and conserve Colorado’s wildlife resource.”

An Opportunity for Public Input

Regional caucus meetings proceed statewide meetings of the Sportsperson Roundtable with its designed representatives from each regional caucus. The caucus and roundtable system allows members of the public to have direct input into Colorado Parks and Wildlife decision making at local, regional, and statewide levels. The statewide Sportspersons Roundtable typically meets twice a year. 

Your Voice Matters

​Regional Caucus meetings are open to all sportspersons and provide an opportunity for the interested public to meet with Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff and caucus delegates to discuss issues pertaining to hunting, fishing, and trapping in Colorado. Caucus delegates share regional issues with the Statewide Sportsperson’s Roundtable when they meet in person two times a year. If you are interested in learning more about the caucus in your region, you may also contact your regional caucus delegate. Visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website for a list of caucus delegates and past meeting summaries.

Randy Hampton is the public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Northwest Region. Randy based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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