The Three Species: Flannelmouth Sucker, Bluehead Sucker, and Roundtail Chub

Check out this video on the conservation efforts of Colorado native fish including the flannelmouth sucker, bluehead sucker, and roundtail chub.
Video: The Three Species

This video describes Colorado parks and Wildlife’s efforts to conserve three species of native fish on the Western Slope of Colorado and provides a window into the conservation ethic that underscores Colorado parks and Wildlife’s mission. Additionally, the video features the work of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s retired aquatic biologist Kevin Thompson, who was based in Montrose.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is committed to conserving our unique native fisheries. To learn more about fisheries management in Colorado, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Video by Olivia Reinhardt. Olivia is a student at Western Colorado University.

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