Updates from the Southeast Sportsperson Caucus Meeting

This meeting offered updates from CPW's terrestrial and aquatic biologists, oil and gas rule changes, and details on wolf reintroduction.

Sportspersons from across Colorado joined Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region Sportspersons Caucus for updates on a variety of issues important to hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Sportsperson Caucus meeting provides a great opportunity for hunters, anglers, trappers, and outdoor enthusiasts to engage with Larry McCormack and Ron Goodrich, the Southeast Region’s delegates to CPW’s statewide Sportspersons’ Roundtable.

“The Southeast Region Caucus gives all Colorado residents an opportunity to have an active voice in how Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages wildlife,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Regional Manager, Brett Ackerman. “It allows all our outdoors enthusiasts to participate in statewide debates on Colorado Parks and Wildlife policies, regulations, and resource management decisions.

“If you love Colorado’s outdoors and wildlife, then you should attend our free caucus and join in our wide-ranging discussions with sportsmen and sportswomen. We want to hear your ideas. We value your input and hope you will come and help us protect your natural resources.”


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The caucus was held Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, and was streamed live, online via Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Facebook page

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