Colorado Outdoors Podcast: Episode 13 – CPW’s K9 Program

Colorado Parks and Wildlife's K9s help officers locate animals, evidence, suspects, and protect the wildlife officers of Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a K9 pilot program that was initiated to see how trained dogs can aid wildlife officers in accomplishing their work duties. All three dogs in the pilot program are certified with the National Police Canine Association. Their main responsibilities are geared to detect the presence of wildlife, aid in wildlife law enforcement, search and rescue missions and are a great tool used in educational outreach that discusses wildlife management. In this episode we talk with the three wildlife officers who have a K9 partner, discuss where the program goes in the future, how it can expand, how it has worked out and how you can help.

Funding the K9 Program

Colorado Parks and Wildlife K9s and their handlers.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife K9s and their handlers.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is soliciting donations to support a police-trained K-9 program. These dogs will be trained to help Officers locate animals, evidence, suspects, and protect the Wildlife Officers of Colorado. In addition, these dogs will help expedite investigations to help our Officers work swiftly and efficiently. The funds will support current and future training for the dogs.

GoFundMe contributions help to support the following:

  • food
  • boarding
  • veterinary services
  • training equipment

If you would like to contribute to growing the K9 program, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife K-9 Program GoFundMe campaign page.

Podcast hosted by Mark Johnson. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42​ state parks, all of Colorado’s 960-plus wildlife species, more than 350 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs from hunting and fishing to the state’s trails program, boat registrations, snowmobiles, off-highway vehicles and more. All of its management is in perpetuity for the enjoyment of Coloradans and its visitors and this podcast is dedicated to telling the stories and happenings in Colorado’s great outdoors.

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