Lynx: Shadows of the Forest

A new film from Colorado Parks and Wildlife showcases the ‘Shadows of the Forest’ in Colorado’s high-elevation wilderness - the Canada lynx.

Lynx Reintroduction

Trapping, poisoning, and loss of habitat contributed to the decline of the lynx and its disappearance from our state. However, in the 1990s, Colorado Parks and Wildlife began a seven-year effort to reintroduce these amazing animals back into the San Juan Mountains. The reintroduction resulted in astounding success, and our current monitoring efforts suggest that Colorado is home to 150-250 individual animals. 

Why Are Lynx Important?

Lynx release. Photo by  Lewandowski/CPW

Lynx are beautiful and powerful predators. They are a solitary species, generally traveling and hunting on their own. Their diets include large amounts of quick-reproducing, small animals such as snowshoe hare. Our reintroduction of lynx is one of the highest-profile projects we’ve implemented. We’re proud of our success and are determined to stay proactive in our monitoring efforts to protect these stealthy, ear-tufted felines. 

Have You Seen a Lynx?

​If you have seen lynx in Colorado, we would like to hear about it. To help us keep track of our precious lynx population please fill out CPW’s Lynx Sightings Form.

The film was produced by Sean Ender of Peak to Creek films.

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