Colorado Game Management Unit (GMU) Videos

In this video series, Colorado's wildlife officers answer frequently asked questions, discuss access, describe animal movement, and more.
Game Management Unit MAp
Use the map above to find the Game Management Unit (GMU) number and find the appropriate video in the list below.

In an effort to aid hunters in being as knowledgeable as they possibly can before heading out into the field, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has released videos with wildlife officers addressing the questions they frequently get asked.

Over 120 videos on the playlist below feature the wildlife officers discussing the districts they cover, or the Game Management Units where hunters apply for licenses. It was targeted to aid big game hunters, but other hunting opportunities are also discussed for certain areas of the state.

As much as sportspersons love hunting, one of the challenges can be venturing into a new area or unit and not having the same familiarity and knowledge to navigate in order to set themselves up for a successful hunt. This new, invaluable resource Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering is aimed to make our hunters as informed as possible so they can have a safe, ethical and successful time in the field.

Game Management Unit Videos

The Colorado GMU Video Project is managed by Jason Clay. Jason is a public information officer for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife northeast region.

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