Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Marine Evidence Recovery Team

This video demonstrates how the team goes about locating victims in the water and the equipment they use to do this challenging job.
Video: Marine Evidence Recovery Team

Our Marine Evidence Recovery Team is a Colorado statewide response team called out when there is a drowning or a major boat accident.

Have a Safe Boating Season!

Safety on the water is crucial during the boating season and Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants boaters to be prepared for the summer season ahead. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and there is never a reason to not follow safety guidelines while boating. Keep it simple – if you’re on the water, Wear It!

For more information about life jackets and boating safety, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Video: Boating Safely on Colorado’s Lake and Rivers

Video by Jason Clay. Jason is a public information officer for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife northeast region.

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