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Boreal Toad tadpoles

Restoring the State-endangered Boreal Toad

CPW aquatic biologists, staff and volunteers headed up a steep mountain, each loaded with large bags of water filled with squirming, Boreal toad tadpoles.

2019 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide

This year’s Colorado fishing guide features interesting and informative articles geared toward helping you make the most of your time on the water.

Keeping Wildlife Wild: Mountain Goats

Just last week video surfaced of a mountain goat climbing on top of a SUV, hanging out on its hood for a couple of moments before moving on.

Rare Hayden Creek Cutthroat Trout

On Jenny’s back were large saddle tanks packed with 2,000 rare Hayden Creek cutthroat trout and pressurized steel canisters pumping oxygen into the water.

Dixon Trail and the Dragon’s Backbone

Trail designers had to map out a reasonable grade and account for erosion and talus slopes, but a reward awaits everyone who makes it to the summit.

Camping and Hiking in Bear Country

Bears are part of the wild places that make Colorado special, so we ask people to follow some easy steps that will help keep our bears wild – Be Bear Aware!

Your Fishin’ is Our Mission

Thanks to huge, visually stunning images adorning Colorado Parks and Wildlife hatchery trucks, the fish are now doing the catching – eye-catching, that is.

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