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Elk Hunting: After The Shot

It’s mid-October in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. The scrub oak is turning russet, aspen leaves are a bright shiny yellow, and golden crowns are growing thinner by the minute — yellow forms floating to the ground creating a carpet of wet, decaying leaves permeating

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Elk Hunting & the ‘Sixth Sense’

With the possible exception of the pronghorn, there’s likely no keener eye, ear, nose and nerve combination in nature than that found in the genus Cervidae, the deer family. And within the deer family many would argue that elk are the most difficult to hunt

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Trail Camera Captures Hungry Black Bear at Elk Camp

When John Robinson hunted elk last season in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, he was fortunate to have harvested a bull on opening morning of the first rifle season. But, despite the quick kill, Robinson knew that the real work was just beginning. Based on his

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‘6×6 Karma’

Fall is by far my favorite season, for obvious reasons. And if I was king, I’d simply declare 12 months of October, then set up camp in one of my wildest kingdoms: Colorado’s high and mighty San Juan Mountains. During October 2012, I hiked out of

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