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Colorado Hunters – Big Game Season Structure Input Needed

Bull Elk
Bull Elk. Photo by © Tony Gurzick/CPW. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s 5-Year Big Game Season Structure is close to being finalized, but there is still time to add your valuable input to the process. Public input is a crucial part of the planning process and up to this point, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has heard from several thousand hunters, both residents and non-residents, who have shared feedback in public meetings, telephone town halls, focus groups, and the initial public comment form. This valuable feedback has aided Colorado Parks and Wildlife in developing recommendations and alternatives for the 2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure. And in July, a 5-Year Big Game Season Structure proposal will be presented to the Parks and Wildlife Commission for final approval. But before that happens, there are still two important opportunities for hunters to participate in the planning process.

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2019 Colorado Outdoors Preference Point Issue (Online Edition)

Photo by © Jason Duetsch/CPW

A primary tool used in the management of Colorado’s big-game animals is a limit, or quota, on the number of licenses issued in most game management units (GMUs). When applying for a limited license, a preference point is awarded when an individual is unsuccessful in drawing their first-choice hunt code. Preference points provide a mathematical advantage when applied to future drawings.

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4 Significant Changes For Colorado Big Game Hunters

The release of Colorado’s Sheep & Goat and Big Game brochures brings the promise and excitement of new hunting seasons. With over-the-counter maps, hunt codes, season dates and fees, the brochures confirm that what we’ve done in the past is still available, aid us in finding new opportunities and help support a strategy to secure a license for the upcoming seasons. Most years, we dive in with purpose, flipping to the sections that we know will help us get the job done (or scrolling if you’re looking at the brochures online). I caution you – do not take that approach this year!

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If you’re a Colorado big-game hunter, now’s the time to prepare for the 2019 hunting seasons.

Colorado Outdoors, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s conservation magazine, is a valuable planning resource for hunters. The Jan/Feb issue features big-game preference points for deer, elk, pronghorn, bear, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and moose.

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Colorado Outdoors Annual ‘Preference Point’ Issue Now Available!

Spring is right around the corner—time to hang up your camo and forget about hunting until next fall, right? Wrong. For Colorado big-game hunters, the time is now to begin preparing for the upcoming fall hunting seasons.

Colorado Outdoors, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s conservation magazine, is a valuable planning resource for hunters. The Jan/Feb issue features preference-point data and statewide herd-population estimates to guide big-game hunters in applying for limited big-game licenses. This is a must-have item for any Colorado hunter.


To order the 2017 “Preference Point” issue or to purchase an annual subscription to Colorado Outdoors, please click HERE.  To view the entire contents page for this issue, click HERE.

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Breaking the silence: Hearing loss can’t keep hunter, 16, from bull moose harvest

When a father and his 16-year-old son pick a campsite for a bull moose hunt, you’d assume Dad drew the tag and Son was along to help, maybe interested in burning the giant old pine stump in the middle of camp, just because it looked like fun.

But when Richard Nicolas and his son, Jason, pulled into Jackson County last year it was Jason’s trip. He drew a bull moose tag at age 15 and this hunt would be the ultimate test of communication and teamwork between him and his dad — one made more challenging because Jason was born with a progressive hearing loss that has kept declining as he has grown. Now he hears very little on his own.

“When I checked to see if he pulled a tag, I almost fell over,” said Richard. “It was like, ‘hey, we’ve got to get serious about this.’ ”

In camp, Jason was just a teenager on his first moose hunt — eyeballing the giant pine stump, saying he was gonna burn it if he got his moose. He was full of a hunter’s anticipation as he and Richard watched a small bull amble through camp before opening day. Read more

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