Colorado Big Game Hunting Series: Part 12 – 3rd Rifle, Mule Deer Rut, Weather and More

Nate and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Casey dive into a wide range of topics that will help you find greater success this hunting season.
Video: Colorado Big Game Hunting Series – Part 12

In this episode of the Colorado Big Game Hunting Series, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Casey Westbrook joins Nate to discuss what’s happening out on the landscape. Nate and Casey answer some questions from social media and dive into a wide range of topics that will help you find greater success this hunting season.

Topics include:

  • peak rut behavior for mule deer
  • migration updates and  wintering grounds
  • hunter habits that can create opportunities for you
  • 2021 mule deer outlook – animal health and more
  • scent control and the impact of wind on your hunt
  • youth hunting opportunities
  • tactics for finding the bucks
  • lack of snow creating great OTC opportunities this year
  • midday hunting opportunities

From the first minute to the last, these guys are sharing insights on what they’re seeing in the field happening right now and matching that with years of successful hunting experiences to help position you for success on your upcoming hunt.

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Nate Zelinsky is a professional Walleye Angler and all species guide based in Colorado and has guided and tournament fished all across the country. Nate is on his 19th year as owner of Tightline Outdoors Colorado’s Premier outlet for multi-species guiding, tournaments, TV, Digital Content, TV, Radio, and Writing! Some of these experiences can be seen on In-Fisherman, Jarrett Edwards Outdoors, Denver’s 7News, 9News,  and WFN. You can also listen to Nate on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. on The Fan Outdoors with Terry Wickstrom. Nate’s daily goal is to educate anglers to create success every time they go on the water. More on Nate can be found at

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